Curriculum Vitae

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Personal Details

Name                     Pete Burgess

Address                 32 Tees Close
                              Valley Park
                              Chandlers Ford
                              SO53 4RU

Telephone             023 80268295

Mobile                   0771 9016168

Fax                        07092 088058



Core Skills

Application analysis, design, development and training.

.Net, C#, ASP.Net, C++, Visual C++ (Visual Studio 6 & .NET), C, Visual Basic, OOA/D, STL, ATL, WTL, MFC, ADO, SQL (ORACLE + spatial, MS SQLServer, Sybase), Windows 7/2K3/XP/2K/NT/9x, UNIX, Linux, Java, Lisp, HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, XSLT, CORBA, J2EE, UML, Rational Unified Process, Rational Tools, Systematic IMT, K2 Workflow Management.

Software Engineering Contracts

Redstone Software & Research Limited

May 2004 To  April 2012

Continuing support and development in support of the Royal Navy including DCADMExplorer (VB6), data imports (C# & MSAccess VBA, XML, MSAccess db, XLS, CSV) and exports (Systematic IMT, C# & VB6), business workflow development (SourceCode K2/ASP.Net/C#), internal publications database (MS Access), Asset Management database (C#) and intranet support (ASP.Net).


Causeway Systems Consultants Limited

April 2004 To August 2004

Causeway contracted me to write a subsystem of a second generation resource planning tool for the NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A). The application is a multi-tier client-server system written in C# against a MSSQL 2K database enabling the user to create complex hierarchies using a simple drag-and-drop interface and allowing multiple windows open simultaneously on the same data.


Redstone Software & Research Limited

Sept 2002 To March 2004

One of Redstone's projects is a DCADM meta-database for the MOD. I was originally contracted to improve the performance data exports from this database and having reduced the export time from nine days to one have been further contracted to provide various functional enhancements. The database runs on Microsoft SQL Server and exports data to ORACLE; the software is written in Visual Basic 6. Data imports and XML exports are written in C#.


United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

Dec 2001 To Sept 2002

I was brought in to assist in completing a new ocean floor charting application written in Visual C++ with MFC running against an ORACLE 8i spatial database on Windows NT and 2K. Part of the project included creating numerous complex tabular reports for which I wrote an extensible framework. I also completed a number of smaller projects in Visual Basic and Visual C++ (WTL) on Windows and C++ on Solaris.


EDS Defence Limited

March 2001 To Oct 2001

Engineered, from initial analysis through to customer acceptance testing, a communications application for emergency provision as part of their successful ship-board defence messaging system. The application was created using STL, WTL and Microsoft Visual C++ running on Windows NT controlling serial communications through standard COM ports and Digi serial port hubs. Emphasis was placed on familiarity and ease of use for the operator. An automated installation of Windows NT together with the application was also developed by allowing a existing or virgin PC to be installed and running as an emergency backup in less than ten minutes.

Due to the success of the automated NT installer, I was also contracted to improve EDS Defence's full-product NT Server install mechanism, enabling the eight CD install to be reduced to six which are all loaded in the initial thirty minutes of the six hour install process, the remainder of which is automated (the original method required regular user monitoring and interaction).


BAE Systems

June 2000 To March 2001

Contracted to create an event browser application for inclusion in a new defence messaging system. Working from and refining existing requirements, I created an extensible browser system using WTL, STL, ATL, and DCOM in Microsoft Visual C++ on Windows NT. Powerful configurability and extensibility through XML enabled the use of this application to fulfil another BAE Systems requirement originally envisaged as requiring a new application. Exporting data as XML enabled powerful reports in XSL to be created, which could be, either printed or viewed interactively in a web browser and formed the basis for reports created by the end users. Full lifecycle software engineering practices were used throughout, including use of Rational ClearQuest for issue tracking, Rational ClearCase for source control and Rational Rose for requirements, analysis and design (with supporting documentation written in Microsoft Word).

Previous Employment

Before becoming a software contractor in 2000 I spent the previous twelve years working my way up from first line Customer Support Analyst to Senior Software Engineer in a number of companies. Full details on request.


OU Postgraduate Diploma in Software Development                                                               Nov 1999 To April 2003

Full details on request.


A level: Electronics A; Maths & Mechanics C; Physics C.
AO level: Electricity & Electronics B; Maths C.
O level: Craft, Design & Technology A; Mathematics A; English C; Physics A; Graphic Communication A; Chemistry C.
CSE: French Grade 1.

Other Details

In addition to my family, I enjoy reading, photography, DIY and country walks.  I play squash and badminton for which I am chairman of a local club and also volunteer coach a children’s club. I also ski, snowboard and windsurf.