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BAE Systems Limited

Gerboa Limited was contracted by BAE Systems to create an event browser application for inclusion in a new best of breed defence messaging system. Working from and refining existing requirements, Gerboa Limited created an extensible browser system using WTL, STL, ATL, and DCOM in Microsoft Visual C++ on Windows NT. Powerful configurability and extensibility through XML enabled Gerboa Limited to use this application to fulfil another BAE Systems requirement originally envisaged as requiring a new application. Exporting data as XML enabled Gerboa Limited to create powerful reports in XSL which could be either printed or viewed interactively in a web browser and formed the basis for reports created by the end users. Full lifecycle software engineering practices were used throughout, including use of Rational ClearQuest for issue tracking, Rational ClearCase for source control and Rational Rose for requirements, analysis and design (with supporting documentation written in Microsoft Word).